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“Twinterview”- With Sweet Memories of Saddleworth

This is an interview that was conducted through twitter – hence the use of 140 characters or less in the answers and any grammatical errors. This is based on ‘Witter’ as published in the Sunday Times Magazine.
  1. How did you come up with the name for your business? Kaz was rhyming a load of different ones off, and I liked the name of sweet memories then we put saddleworth at the end and it just stuck
  2. What do you sell/ what service do you provide? We sell a wide range of sweets from past n present, also we make gift baskets/jars we also cater for childrens party bags
  3. Why did you set this business up? Kaz always wanted her own shop, though didnt know that it would end up being a sweet shop, it seemed the right time to fit it in to our life Style, I joined her because I’d had enough of my job and wanted to work for myself. We were reminiscing about old childhood sweets and AngloBubbly’s set us off with the shop.
  4. Who works in the business/ how many employees do you have? There’s only me and kaz who work there, but have kaz’s sister Gemma who helps out now and again during events
  5. What is unique about your business? We cater for all occasion’s, anybody can come in and ask for any amount from 10p to £5, we can also add any message to any gift.
  6. What do you enjoythe most about running your business? The different people we meet, and talking to customer’s about the sweets from years ago and the old memorabilia we have in the shop
  7. Can you tell us about anything funny/ unusual that has happened with your business? Don’t know if I should mention this but some old lady asked for japs eye’s instead of jap desserts lol.Anything that has been funny in the shop as been rude lol.
  8. Lastly – How was the Yanks Weekend? We loved the yanks weekend, it was great how everyone got on and pulled together to make fun and enjoyable, but also remembering the sacrifices people made during the war, so we can have events like yanks.
Many thanks to Criag and Kaz for their time tonight and for posing so wonderfully for me on Sunday.